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Limited time 30% Off with code "labor30"
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Bulk, Imprint and Corporate Orders

We are accepting bulk, imprinted and corporate orders for our cotton masks and face shields. Minimum quantity of order with corporate logo imprint is 100 pieces. For smaller orders we do not offer imprint. 

Distancemasks.com partnering production facility, Tlusty & Co. Ltd. is located in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. This factory employs hundreds of workers, who produce cloth masks and protection shields for various non-profit as well as corporate customers from countries badly harmed by COVID-19.

Daily production capacity is 5 000 masks and 3 000 face shields and can be increased if required.

Minimum quantity for orders with logo imprint - 100 pieces.

For orders over 1000 pieces of cloth masks we offer various additional services.

- colour of fabric and ribbons on demand
- corporate branding (imprint, embroidery)
- custom packaging

Delivery time:

Small orders from 100 up to 1000 pieces: 1 week from accepting the payment 
Moderate orders from 1 000 up to 30 000 pieces: 3-4 weeks from accepting the payment.
Large orders over 30 000 pieces: 4-5 weeks from accepting the payment. 

CAUTION: When requesting fabric in custom colour, delivery time prolongues to 7-8 weeks, due to colouring process. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we strongly recommend to choose from fabric available on stock. 

Currently available:
- white (fabric available for 30 000 pieces)
- black (fabric available for 20 000 pieces)
- green (fabric available for 6 000 pieces)
- sky blue (fabric available fo 2 000 pieces)

Payment conditions:
- Advanced payment 70% / 30% on delivery.
- Wire transfer or Paypal (we do not accept checks)

- bulk orders are shipped to US corporate customers directly from our production facility via UPS. Transportation takes up to 5 business days. Transportation to the US customers is free of charge.

Ask us for a quote

send us email directly to sales@distancemasks.com  or

CALL US NOW at (989) 763 8906