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Limited time 30% Off with code "labor30"
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Our story

The COVID-19 crisis came unexpected, impacted our lives as never before. When we see hundreds thousands infected in USA and thousands dying, we decided that it was time to step up. We want to help as much as we can. The killing virus does not wait. We must act!

We have partnered with our friends in Tlusty & Co., Prague, Czech Republic who truly act! These amazing artisans changed their luxury leather apparel production in 24 hours and started produce face masks and face shields for the public as well as donate to places in need in their own country.

With their help we got recently first supplies for people in USA directly to our office in Michigan. America helped Czechs and we are happy they don't forget.

Washable cotton face masks helped in other countries, they can help the United States flatten the curve and stop the spread of this horrible virus as well.

All masks available in this online store are made from organic cotton fabric to protect you from the droplets in the air, and can also help protect the people around you by blocking coughs that could transfer disease. 

Czech Republic is one of the few countries in the world where are very few fatalities and infection is under control - due to strict rules they adopted - social distancing and wearing masks.



If you are in need of a good quality hand-made face mask please consider ordering one from our store.

With an increase in demand, we will be able to donate more to local assisted living homes, hospitals, and other places in need.

Get your own face mask now - please visit our catalog.


Stay safer. Keep distance. Wear masks.

Distancemasks.com Team